Southern Grounds
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Landscaping, Irrigation, Drainage, Hydroseed, Sod, Sump Pumps, Maintenance, Fencing, Trees and Shrubs, Grass Treatments, Residential, Commercial and Industrial

We do it all!
  • Full Service Lawncare
  • Spring Start Ups
  • Weed Prevention Program
  • Landscape Design
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Winterizing
  • Dirtwork
  • Sump Pumps
  • French Drains

Why choose us?

Southern Grounds - Hartley Outdoor Services is a full-service landscaping family business. Our many years of experience empowers us to deliver personalized lawn care and landscape solutions to both residential and commercial customers. Built on values of caring and integrity, we are driven by a passion to exceed customer expectations and consistently deliver client satisfaction.

Experience & Integrity

We at Southern Grounds are proud to offer a complete full service landscape solution for our
valued customers.

Serving the SE Arkansas Community since 2005!

Southern Grounds Hartley Outdoor Services has always focused on one thing: customer satisfaction.

We deliver that satisfaction through our comprehensive range of expert lawn care and landscaping services, servicing both residential and commercial customers.


“Our aim is to build relationships that are “deeply rooted” with you, our customers! We accomplish this by spending quality time together to communicate well & understand your vision, needs, & desires. We then work hard to translate your vision, needs, & desires from the conversation to the landscape!  Customer satisfaction is our reward!


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